Evening at the Met

Just what was I thinking?

Skilled as the craftsman may be, I could not stop wondering “did he?”, but the art continued to unfold.

I stood in amazement as the artist’s brush swept with a curious abandon, forming the grassesĀ  along the features of a rickety abandoned barn lost in a sun filled field. Then, with a masterful stroke, a touch of color and “presto!”, birds are freed to soar the heavens. You could all but see the ripples move across the face of the water or feel the breeze carry tufts of clouds across a Carolina blue haze.

What?!! There it is again…Local artist wildflower photo

I had stopped to watch the young man painting these incredible landscapes on (of all things) antique saw blades. He actually had an impressive gallery of oil canvas, but enjoyed meeting people and sharing his gift. The saw blades may even sound cheesy, but everyone like a little cheese at times.

As I stood there and watched; something else amazing caught my eye. Beside the easelĀ  was placed a pallet with the pools of color he worked with, and a small paper cup in which he would dip and clean the brush. Next to that, a small paper cup of coffee. Now, I’m sure you know where this is going. I could swear the two were interchangeable, but try as I did, I could never be sure just which he was drinking.

It just shows to go ya… you pays what ya get for


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