PayBox, a real alternative

PayBox debit card candidate # 1

It seems these days it’s all about the big corporations. “Big oil”, “big pharma”, “big auto”, “big insurance” and the list never ends.

Well, I recently discovered a new service that just might be the next “BIG” event.

Now, would you like to have a chance to have your say? This just may be your chance.

Visit Paybox here

Lookout PayPal – here comes PayBox!

PayBox is a rapidly growing virtual currency and payment processing service on a quest to become the best payment processing service anywhere. They have set one goal: “… to achieve this with the help of our dedicated EarlyBird users.”

The service is still in development and all of  transactions are in a “Closed Box” system. This means that all payments sent, and all payments received, stay within the PayBox system at this time. In this testing phase users can send person-to-person payments (within PayBox).

A visit to the site and you find surveys and an active blog with updates posted about the project progress. The interesting feature is; the entire system is being designed around the input of people like us.
They use surveys that include:
Paybox debit card candidate # 2
Another candidate debit card design.
  • Internet Marketing Survey – If you are interested in earning an income online and profiting from the launch of PayBox, please fill out the survey. The goal of this survey is to help us find the best ways to reach our Stage 2 growth goals and begin to “Open the Box”.
  • Sharing PayBox Survey – This survey helps us to understand how people are sharing PayBox. This directly affects how soon we can “Open the Box”, turning PayBox into a full-featured payment processor.
  • Vote in the Debit Card Survey PayBox is preparing to“Open the Box” and begin issuing debit cards to participants. When that happens, users will select from thousands of attractive debit card designs.

They’ll be giving away prizes to the users who submitted the top voted designs and to users who participate in the voting. Each time you vote, you increase your chances of winning.

  • Vote in the Merchant Survey - Where  would you most like to spend your PayBox account balance.

First, you get a vote in which merchants are selected when they open PayBox payment services to merchants.
Second, each time you vote, you improve your chances of earning a percentage of all PayBox payment processing fees paid by that merchant for life.

  • Online Shopping – Do you shop on-line?
  • Social Sharing Survey – What social networks do you use?
  • Good Experience Survey – Have you ever had a really good experience when buying from or using an online store or payment processor? …what happened, and why you liked the experience…What changes could be made to provide better experiences?
  • Bad Experience Survey – Had an awful experience when buying from a online store or payment processor? If so,  what happened, and what made the experience so bad…
  • The Perfect Online Payment Processor – What do you want to see in a payment processor? What features would you like to see?
Your responses are reviewed and aggregated, and responses give the feedback needed to take PayBox to the next level.

How does this effect me? (you wonder)

We Need Your Help

PayBox is different. There has never been a payment service like PayBox. From the very beginning, we have relied on our users sharing PayBox with friends to fuel our growth.
Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, we are rewarding our EarlyBird users for helping us test our payment service as we build it, and only asking that you to share PayBox to help us grow.

That’s right… rewarding… you can earn  virtual cash that will be accepted by participating merchants, just by subscribing to the blog and checking out their surveys… all for, (wait for it…) FREE!

Quoted from the site:
“To this point, we have had remarkable success with our grass-roots growth efforts. Now, we are relying on our members to keep spreading the word, helping us to take PayBox to the next level and “open the box”.”

You can visit the PayBox website and blog, by clicking this link now.

I just thought you might be interested, and I hope you all enjoy.

Let’s just not worry about the “big” guys any more!

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